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The Performance Coach program is designed for coaches working with athletes in the Train to Compete stage and most often the 18-22 age group. In many cases, this education pathway is for individuals seeking full-time employment in coaching. The volleyball workshop is also recommended for Advanced Development Certified coaches seeking additional coach education in the area of Performance Analysis. The program has three distinct steps required for certification. Completion of each step also provides the coach with one of three coaching "designations": "In Training", "Trained", or "Certified".

Step 1 - In Training: completion of the Volleyball Canada E-modules

Coaches may have already completed these e-modules at the Development or Advanced Development Coach context. The e-modules are designed to provide all the essential information a volleyball coach will need prior to the In-Person Workshops. To begin the e-modules click "Register Now" or login if you already have a profile. 

Step 2 - In Training: successful completion of the nine Competition - Development Multi-Sport Modules:
Managing Conflict, Leading Drug-free Sport, Psychology of Performance, Coaching and Leading Effectively, Prevention and Recovery, Developing Athletic Abilities, Advanced Planning a Practice, Performance Planning, and Manage a Sport Program.

These modules provide education and training in areas relevant to coaches in all sports. To enroll in the Competition - Development Multi-Sport Modules, contact your Provincial/Territorial Coaching Coordinator or HERE.

Step 3 - Trained: successful completion of the Performance Coach In-Person Workshop
The Performance Coach Workshop is entirely focussed on the skill of Performance Analysis (error detection and correction). This is an advanced volleyball coaching workshop and is intended for coaches who aspire to develop athletes and teams which will be competitive at national level competitions and university/college leagues. For an overview of the workshop click HERE.

The application process for the 2018 workshops is now closed. 2019 workshop applications will open December 2018.

Step 4 - Certified: Portfolio and Evaluation requirements

The final step in the Performance Coach process is the submission of portfolio assignments and the undertaking of final evaluations.

Please review the entire contents of the Performance Coach Evaluation Package HERE and follow the steps outlined.

The portfolio includes:

The evaluations include:

Evaluation Package Appendices

Certification Standards 

Evaluation Forms and Tools


Action Plan




To view a one-page Performance Coach pathway click HERE

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