Development Coach


The Development Coach program is the primary entry point for most coaches in the volleyball community. The course supports coaches working in the Train to Train stage or the age groups of 13-16. The program has three distinct phases toward certification. Completion of each phase provides the coach with one of three coaching designations: "In Training", "Trained", or "Certified".

The Level 1 workshop has now expired. Beginning on September 1, 2018, a revised Development Coach course will be delivered (see below for the pathway). Coaches who have taken the Level 1 in-person technical workshop prior to September 1, 2018, and have NOT completed the evaluation, now have a sunset period in which to complete the evaluation. All evaluations for the Level 1 course must be completed and submitted to your Provincial/Territorial Volleyball Association by April 1, 2019. To download the Level 1 Evaluation Package click HERE.

-Foundations of Volleyball eLearning (1-3 hrs)

To begin the eLearning click HERE.

-Foundations of Volleyball eLearning (above)
-Development Coach Workshop 
-Multi Sport Modules: Make Ethical Decisions, Nutrition (optional) 

Note: The Development Coach workshop is designed to introduce the game of volleyball and basic methodology to the introductory coach working with Train to Train athletes (13-16 age groups).  See course description HERE. After completion of the  Foundations of Volleyball eLearning modules, you will be prompted to sign up for a workshop in your local area. Or to find out more information on a Development Coach workshop near you, contact your Provincial/Territorial Volleyball Association.

Note: Multi-Sport Modules: Make Ethical Decisions and Nutrition are offered by your local Coaching Association, not your local Volleyball Association. Courses are offered in-person and online. To enrol in the Multi-Sport Modules click HERE. The Multi-Sport Modules can be completed prior to the Development Coach Workshop.

-Portfolio and Evaluations

Download and review the Evaluation Package HERE

The portfolio includes:

The evaluations include:

For a pdf version of all of Volleyball Canada's NCCP Pathways, click HERE